Easy Steps to Apply on the College Admission Portal

Below are the easy steps on how to apply on the College admission Portal. Applicants are therefore required to follow this set of instructions to help them successfully apply for admission through the College Portal.

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Easy Steps to Apply on the College Admission Portal

How To Apply on the College Admission Portal

To get started:

1. Visit the College Admission Portal: https://admission.coeportal.edu.gh/default.aspx

2. Supply your card information and ensure you keep the card safely for subsequent login.

3. Click ‘Login’ to start applying.

4. Fill the Application form and supply all required details, as well as attaching a passport picture.

5. An applicant’s passport picture should be in JPG or JPEG format and must not exceed 40KB in size.

6. Click the ‘Preview’ button to do any of the following:

  • Click the ‘Edit’ button to modify your application.
  • Click the ‘Save and Continue later button’ to save your application form for the option of coming back at a later time to edit.
  • Click ‘Submit and Print Confirmation’ to complete your online application.
  • After clicking on ‘Submit and Print Confirmation’, click the ‘Print Form’ button to print Confirmation Page.

7. Keep your printed Confirmation Page safe. You will require your Application Form Number shown on the page to check your admission status and also print your admission letter.

8. Click on the ‘Close’ to go back to the login page.

9. Each Applicant is required to print two copies of each of his/her confirmation pages and attach his/her results slip(s) and any other documents deemed important and forward same by post to the College of Education applied to. Failure to do so means the application won’t be processed

10. Quote your Application Reference/Form Number on your envelope.

All the above are the easy steps for applicants to apply on the College Admission Portal. For further information on how to apply on the College admission portal, click here