Admission Cut-Off Points for all KNUST Programmes

 Admission Cut-Off Points for all KNUST Programmes

Below is a list of all KNUST admission cut-off points. Each programme corresponds to a grading point, and so, applicants are therefore required to take note of this.

KNUST Admission Cut-Off Points

Once you’re satisfied and assume you qualify for a particular programme, check on the general admission requirements as provided. You may also read through all the courses available for KNUST admission this year.

College of Agricultural and Natural Resources

1. BSc. Agriculture22
2. BSc. Agricultural Biotechnology20
3. BSc. Agribusiness Management17
4. BSc. Landscape Design and Management20
5. BSc. Natural Resources Management19
6. BSc. Forest Resources Technology24
7. BSc. Aquaculture and Water Resources Management24
8. BSc. Packaging Technology24

College of Arts and Built Enviornment

1. BSc. Architecture10
2. BSc. Construction Technology and Management14
3. BSc. Quantity Surveying and Construction Economics13
4. BSc. Development Planning13
5. BSc. Human Settlement Planning15
6. BSc. Land Economy11
7. BSc. Real Estate14
8. BFA. Painting and Sculpture19
9. BA. Communication Design (Graphic Design)15
10. BA. Integrated Rural Art and Industry17
11. BA. Publishing Studies15
12. BSc. Metalsmithing and Jewellery Technology21
13. BSc. Textile Design and Technology17
14. BSc. Fashion Design16
15. BSc. Ceramics Design Technology24
16. B.Ed. Junior High School Education24
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College of Engineering

1. BSc. Aerospace Engineering12
2. BSc. Agricultural Engineering17
3. BSc. Automobile Engineering16
4. BSc. Biomedical Engineering7
5. BSc. Chemical Engineering12
6. BSc. Civil Engineering12
7. BSc. Computer Engineering12
8. BSc. Electrical/Electronic Engineering9
9. BSc. Geological Engineering14
10. BSc. Geomatic (Geodetic) Engineering15
11. BSc. Industrial Engineering16
12. BSc. Marine Engineering14
13. BSc. Materials Engineering15
14. BSc. Mechanical Engineering12
15. BSc. Metallurgical Engineering17
16. BSc. Petrochemical Engineering10
17. BSc. Petroleum Engineering9
18. BSc. Telecommunication Engineering14
Full Details of KNUST Admission Cut-Off Points

College of Health Sciences

1. BSc. BDS (Dental Surgery) (Fee-Paying Only)8
2. (DVM) Doctor of Veterinary Medicine15
3. BSc. Disability and Rehabilitation Studies17
4. BSc. Herbal Medicine23
5. BSc. Human Biology (Medicine)6
6. BSc. Medical Laboratory Technology8
7. BSc. Medical Imaging11
8. BSc. Midwifery (Female Only)11
9. BSc. Nursing10
10. BSc. Physician Assistantship8
11. BSc. Physiotherapy and Sports Science14
12. Pharm D (Doctor of Pharmacy)6

College of Humanities and Social Sciences

1. BA. Akan Language and Culture24
2. BA. Economics13
3. BA. English24
4. BA. French and Francophone Studies15
5. BA. Geography and Rural Development13
6. BA. History18
7. BA. Linguistics18
8. BA. Media and Communication Studies13
9. BA. Political Studies12
10. BA. Religious Studies24
11. BA. Sociology14
12. BA. Social Work14
13. BSc Business Administration ((Human Resource Management/Management)10
14. BSc. Business Administration (Marketing/International Business)12
15. BSc. Business Administration (Accounting/Banking and Finance)8
16. BSc. Business Administration (Logistics and Supply Chain Mgt/Bus. Info. Tech.)11
17. BSc. Hospitality and Tourism Management13
18. LLB6
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College of Science

1. BSc. Biochemistry12
2. BSc. Food Science and Technology14
3. BSc. Biological Science12
4. BSc. Environmental Sciences17
5. BSc. Chemistry20
6. BSc. Computer Science13
7. BSc. Mathematics19
8. BSc. Actuarial Science12
9. BSc. Statistics15
10. BSc. Physics22
11. BSc. Meteorology and Climate Science20
12. Doctor of Optometry7


1. BSc. Civil Engineering (Obuasi Campus)22
2. BSc. Electrical/Electronic Engineering (Obuasi Campus)22
3. BSc. Geological Engineering (Obuasi Campus)24
4. BSc. Geomatic (Geodetic) Engineering (Obuasi Campus)24
5. BSc. Materials Engineering (Obuasi Campus)24
6. BSc. Mechanical Engineering (Obuasi Campus)22
7. BSc. Metallurgical Engineering (Obuasi Campus)24
8. BSc. Medical Laboratory Technology (Obuasi Campus)13
9. BSc. Midwifery (Obuasi Campus) (Female Only)15
10. BSc. Nursing (Obuasi Campus)14
11. BSc Business Administration ((HRM/Management) (Obuasi Campus)24
12. BSc. BBA (Marketing/International Business) (Obuasi Campus)24
13. BSc. BBA (Accounting/Banking and Finance) (Obuasi Campus)20
14. BSc. BBA (Logistics & Supply Chain Mgt/Bus. Info. Tech.) (Obuasi Campus)24

This is the list of all KNUST admission cut-off points. Click here for more information.

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