Presbyterian University Courses Offered

Below is a list of all Presbyterian University Courses offered. Applicants are required to check and note each of the Programmes anytime they want to apply.

Presbyterian University Courses


Below are all the Presbyterian University courses offered by the institution:

Faculty of Science and Technology

Presbyterian University courses offered under Faculty of Science and Technology.


BSc. Information and Communication Technology

Areas of Specialization include

  • Software Engineering
  • Business Information Systems
  • Data Communication and Networking

BSc. Mathematics

Areas of Specialization include

  • Pure Mathematics
  • Statistics
  • Accounting

School of Business & Economics

The School of Business and Economics (SBE) is of Faculty Status and is a hybrid of the Agribusiness Department and that of Business Administration and Economics. SBE is an establishment with flair for professionalism. We admit students for the primary purpose of undergraduate education and prepare them for Graduate Studies and Research. We prepare students for certification by Professional bodies, Internal and External Collaborations with renowned Institutions. Details for programmes mounted in the School are exhibited by the Agribusiness and Business Administration and Economics Departments.

Plans Ahead

  • Short Courses in Agribusiness Development and Agribusiness Management
  • Training in Grasscutter-Rearing, Snail-Rearing, Bee-keeping, and Hermitic Storage of Crops.
  • Certificate Courses in Business and Marketing Strategies
  • Enhancement of Core Competencies for Self-development
  • Workshops on Records-keeping and Sustainability of Business
  • Occupying Students and any interested people in organizing ‘Normal Life’ Surveys in Research Methodology


  • BSc. Agribusiness
  • BSc. Business Economics

Business Administration programmes include

  • BSc. Accounting and Finance
  • BSc. Banking and Finance
  • BSc. Human Resource Management
  • BSc. Management
  • BSc. Marketing Management
Faculty of Development Studies

Presbyterian University courses offered under Faculty of Development Studies.


The Vision of Faculty of Development Studies is to equip the Faculty with human, material and spiritual resources in order to produce all round students and provide world class academic and Professional services in development studies and related fields.


The Faculty of development studies shall be a think-tank and among the first place of call for local and international researchers on social, economic, spatial and environmental issues.


The values are to strive to become research intensive, research-oriented, to create, advance and disseminate knowledge relevant for national and global development, and to develop outstanding, human-centred, and morally-upright graduates and scholars who will make major impacts on the Ghanaian and global markets.

Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences

Here are the Presbyterian University courses offered under Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences.


  • BSc. Nursing
  • BSc. Physician Assistantship

The Asante Akyem Campus of the University College was opened on Friday, 28th September, 2007 to offer the Bachelor of Science Degree in Nursing. The Department of Nursing is the first department of the Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences. The second is the Department of Physician Assistantship which was also established in September, 2010.


The vision of the Faculty is to produce versatile health Professionals who have the knowledge, skills and attitude to recognize the total health needs of individuals, families and communities and providing quality healthcare.


The Faculty is determined to produce highly qualified and competent Professional Nurses, Physician Assistants and other Allied Health Professionals who will contribute creditably to health care delivery in Ghana and the world at large through the promotion of health, prevention of disease and provision of curative health care.


The goal of the Faculty is to produce competent health Professionals recognized for Professional excellence, advocacy in lifestyle changes and discipline in Leadership through teaching, dissemination of knowledge and continuous research activities.

Presbyterian University Courses

Faculty of Education
  • B.Ed. Social Studies
Faculty of Law
  • Bachelor of Laws (LL.B)
School of Graduate Studies

List of Presbyterian University courses offered under School of Graduate Studies.

  • M.Ed in Educational Studies
  • M.A. International Development Studies
  • MSc. Environmental Health and Sanitation
  • MSc. Natural Resources Management
  • MSc Financial Risk Management
HND / Diploma Programmes
  • HND in Information and Communication Technology
  • Diploma in Public Relations
  • Diploma in Public Administration

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